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- RED DIESEL - stand van zaken!
update:  december 2008 Nederlandse versie Engelse versie

Diesel voor de recreatieve vaart in België.

Beste clubs, leden, booteigenaars en vrienden,

LBWB-Motoryachting startte met steun en mandaat van de ganse Belgische sector (federaties van gebruikers, federale federatie van handelaars en de tweetalige vakpers) een dossier voor het adres van de Vice Eerste Minister en Minister van financiën Mr. D. Reynders eind 2005.

Gedurende 2006 deelde de Belgische overheid de visie van de implementatieproblemen om de recreatieve vaart om te schakelen van rode naar witte diesel voor de propultie van vaartuigen.
Van Europa uit was het duidelijk dat er geen verlenging meer mogelijk was om de bestaande derogatie van brandstoftaxen verder aan te houden.

We bekwamen voor 2007 het statuut van overgangsjaar om over te schakelen van rode naar witte diesel.

Allicht heeft u het gemerkt, in 2008 kon LBWB-Motoryachting immers de aangekondigde draconische controles op het water afhouden.

Eind 2008 heeft LBWB-Motoryachting de aandacht van de Commissie en de nationale overheid getrokken op de potentiële problemen voor het vaarseizoen 2009 als gevolg van de Britse beslissing om de derogatie van taxen af te schaffen maar wel de rood gekleurde diesel aan te houden voor de recreatieve vaart.

update:  December 2008 Nederlandse versie Engelse versie

Gasoil for pleasure crafts in Belgium.

Dear members, boat owners and friends,

LBWB-Motoryachting created a dossier for the Vice president and Minister of finance Mr. D. Reynders at the end of 2005 on renewing the derogation for ‘red’ diesel.

During 2006, the Belgian Government supported our vision with regards to our concerns on the implementation of the switch from 'red' to 'white' diesel for pleasure craft.

At the European level it became clear that there was no longer the possibility to continue with the reduction of gasoil taxation for the propulsion of pleasure craft. Therefore, 2007 was the start of the transition from red to white diesel.

During 2008, LBWB-Motoryachting managed to eliminate the drastic customs controls that were due to take place in the field.

At the end of 2008, LBWB-Motoryachting started to alert the European Commission and the Belgian Government of potential problem for the 2009 season based on the UK Government's decision to continue allowing the use of marked (red) gasoil but without the taxation reduction.

02 February 2007

Dear all,

Re: update on red diesel action

Unfortunately this week the red diesel for pleasure craft was mentioned on VRT
Nevertheless that we agreed to act for the sector a word was taken on air.
I do not know who took this initiative but regret deeply 2 aspects:
- The person in the interview took the word for the sector while we all know
that boating owner and handler associations as well as the bilingual boating
press agreed on the same writing to our Minister Reynders that there was one
coordinator for this action.
- The sector agreed to keep the issue out of the mass media as part of our
- The person in the interview referred to a law from 1 January. This person
clearly doesn’t know the details as anybody can show a published adjustment
of the law in the Belgian journal.
May I insist by this writing especially in the context of the coming boat show that you insist on your side and pass the message to keep the red diesel out of the mass media.
Our strategy still keeps the road; the maximum we can obtain depends totally of our success to keep the issue out of the mass media.
If you know who made the interview, we kindly ask you to insist on the fact that you have a coordinator for the sector on this issue and that further public initiatives only result in negative consequences for the whole sector.
At the moment our government is still trying all they can to postpone to the limit the implementation of the regulation, further to prepare a long delay on the transition period if they can’t postpone any further the implementation.
So even today there is NO intention to forward for publication a change to the
law. We will keep you informed when this will change.
I’m at your disposal for further details as usual, and will be present on the boat show the opening day, Friday from afternoon and the second Saturday.
May I recommend that you also insist to your customers and members to keep
carefully by hand the proof of latest fuel invoice and if possible of the fuel history.
For boats touring this season out of Belgium we will look with our government
contacts how we can keep these people out of discussions.
With thanks and at your service
Ben Eeman 055-210595 , 0475-412882 and 02-2842619

UK red diesel reversal worries boaters, industry associations

By IBI Magazine

Last week's rejection by the European Commission of the UK government's application to renew that country's derogation on red diesel for recreational boaters has met with an outcry among industry associations, charter companies and even some members of Parliament. As of January 1, 2007, all diesel used for private boating purposes is likely to be taxable at the same rate as road diesel. The ruling will effectively double the existing price of red diesel to around £1 per litre.

The EC did, however, leave an option for creating a separate tax rate for marine leisure fuel that would create a hike in diesel prices, but not a doubling. The European Commission has also rejected similar applications from Belgium and Malta.

The British Marine Federation's executive director Howard Pridding told Motor Boat & Yachting magazine that the decision "will have a huge adverse impact on the UK marine industry."

Local media near the popular cruising destination, the Broads, also said that the ruling could "deal a blow" to the charter industry there. Ken Gaylard, chairman of the Broads Hire Boat Federation, told the website EDP24 that the decision could ultimately erode profits or increase the cost of holidays. Gaylard said that his group would also be looking at whether boatyards could claim exemptions as commercial operators. However, Jamie Campbell, vice-chairman of the Broads Tourism Forum, felt the impact would be less significant, saying the cost of diesel was a tiny part of the cost of owning a motor cruiser.

The diesel application rejection also drew swift and sharp reactions in the House of Commons. Financial Secretary John Healey told the House of Commons in a heated exchange with Northern Isles MP Alistair Carmichael about the rejection. Carmichael has been been active for years in trying to ensure the subsidies on diesel remained. The chairman of the Shetland Marinas, Piers and Boating Clubs Association (SMPBCA), Bobby Hunter, said the change meant yet another tax on people living in rural Britain. "In a community where boats are an integral part of society, it is yet another tax being put on us from a government that really doesn't think too much about rural and remote communities," he told the Shetland Marine News. Carmichael had told Healey that the fight for keeping red diesel might not have been lost had the secretary more "backbone".

Healey told the Commons that he was well aware that the derogation permitting the use of red diesel in Britain is highly valued by private boat owners and users. "We put the strongest possible case to the Commission. We prepared that case in close cooperation and with contributions from many of the organisations affected. We could have done little more to press the case," he said. "I spoke personally with the Commissioner and have written personally to the Commission on this issue. There is no further stage in this process now."

Carmichael continued: "Private boat users have been the victim of New Labour prejudices. They clearly thought that they were dealing with a few rich people on their gin palaces. The opposite is true. This change will serve to exclude many people on low incomes from enjoying boat use."

But all news media noted that the impact of the ruling will probably not take place immediately. Some believed that prices may not go up at least until June.

(11 December 2006)

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UK red diesel reversal worries boaters, industry associations
The European Commission's rejection last week of the UK government's application to maintain a derogation on diesel has been met with an outcry

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